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The Ultimate Rugby World Cup 2015 Stadium Guide

With the Rugby World Cup 2015 now here, we wanted to share with you all the best sights, pubs and attractions you can visit when taking in a game this September and October. What games are looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!

Twickenham Stadium - West London

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Working Abroad? 3 Gestures You Should Never Do

Back home in Britain, nothing screams assurance and positivity like a good old thumbs up. Do the same thing in Greece and this ‘obscene’ gesture could land you in serious trouble with the locals. It’s important to understand the local culture, so if you’re heading abroad for new employment opportunities, take a look at this useful guide on the simple gestures you really should never use. Like ever.

The Famous 'OK' Hand Signal

ok gesture No, everything’s not ‘Ok!’ So you thought the classic OK sign was the universal symbol for ‘everything’s hunky dory’? Think again. In Germany it is regarded as a very unfriendly gesture and a way of calling someone an derogatory name. A simple thumbs up would work much more in your favour.

'Rock On'

bush bull horns Never give ‘the bull horns’ in Spain. For a country that gave us Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias, it’s not surprising that the famous rock music hand gesture is unpopular. A firm favourite with heavy metal enthusiasts, using it towards a gentleman in Spain or Italy takes on the meaning, “Your missus is promiscuous mate” not “Blimey, I’m really enjoying this Alice Cooper concert!”

'Peace Man'

peace sign Give peace a chance. British readers will already be aware of this, but it’s still a good one to know about. The two fingers up, palm facing outwards reminds you of the 60’s, free love, hippies and peace to all. However, if you were to use the same two fingers, but with your palm facing inwards, you would be telling a Brit, Aussie or Kiwi to ‘get lost!’, or a much more offensive phrase not suitable for this blog post. So who would have thought the simple hand gestures we frequently use were not so simple after all. So depending where you go, it’s probably best if you just keep your hands in your pockets! Looking for a job in travel? Head to Travel Job Search for all the latest jobs in the industry!

A Day in the Life of a Holiday Rep

So, you're looking to become a holiday rep but don't know what to expect? A number of staff here at Travel Job Search have enjoyed working out in the summer sun for a season. Here's our job seekers guide to becoming a holiday rep:

Job Description

The main responsibility for a holiday rep is to look after groups of guests from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave. The majority of holiday reps are between the ages of 18-35. Reps will be required to hold meetings, handle complaints, set up and run holiday activities as well assist on excursions and tours.


Qualifications are not essential however, recruiters will not disregard any communication or customer service skills as these will be key in your new role.


Don't expect to be earning big money, however, you'll usually earn around £450 - £500 per month and will have free accommodation, food and flights. Other benefits include free trips out, use of company cars in leisure time. On top of all this, a lot of the clubs will start recognising your face and offer you discounted food and drink. Travel Job Search's Stacey visited Jamie (Pudsey) from Milton Keynes and interviewed him about his time out in Malia. See a photo of Jamie below, enjoying himself at a pool party.

pool party

Stacey: So Jamie, shall we call you Jamie or Pudsey? Jamie/ Pudsey: Pudsey's cool, I was given the nickname out in Malia as I was forced to wear an eye patch for the first two months due to a severe eye infection. Stacey: Ok great! So, Pudsey tell us a little bit about your experiences out in Malia. What was your daily routine? Pudsey: I didn't really have a set routine as my day-to-day activities would differ so much. I was basically the guy who greeted groups of guys/ girls at the airport and ensured they had a great holiday. I would usually look after 5/6 different groups a week, collecting them from the airport, helping them check-in and then ensure they knew the best places to go for cheap food and drink. Stacey: Sounds like a great job in the sunshine! Pudsey: It was great, I’d advise it to anybody who's looking to experience something a bit different. If you love living in the sun, working with holiday makers who always have a smile on their face and are up for a good time then this is the job for you. Stacey: What was it like behind closed doors, away from the tourists? Pudsey: We would have a lot of meetings, ensuring that we were meeting criteria and that the tourists were having the best time possible. Stacey: What were the downsides to the job? Pudsey: The main thing for me was getting to know people (mainly the girls), and then having to say goodbye at the end of 7/14 days. Customer complaints weren't my favourite part of the job either. Most of the complaints would come in the morning after the guests had been out on the lash the night before. Fighting, breakages and the usual throwing up on hotel property were usual occurrences that we had to learn to deal with. Stacey: I'll be honest, I was expecting a lot worse. If you were going out to do another season, which resort would you pick and would you do anything differently. Pudsey: I'd definitely go back to Malia. Sure, it's not the classiest resort in the world but it sure pulls in the punters and there is always something different going on, no day is the same when you're out in Malia. If I was to do something different, i'd try not to get as close to the guests as I maybe have done in the past. Stacey: And finally, any tips for people from the UK wanting to go out and work as a holiday rep? Pudsey: Show that you're outgoing in the interviews, I can honestly say I’ve never met a shy holiday rep. Stacey: Thanks for your time Pudsey. If you're looking to work a season abroad like Pudsey, head over to Travel Job Search where you'll find 1000s of the latest travel jobs all over Europe.

Exciting Jobs Abroad and at Home

Some of the biggest direct employers and recruitment agencies use Travel Job Search to advertise some of the most exciting job roles we've ever come across on recruitment websites. Travel Job Search gives job seekers the opportunity to find new exciting job roles that might be in a completely new country/ industry. Some of the roles are simply not an option in the UK unfortunately. We've highlighted a small selection of some of the direct employers who advertise their jobs on Travel Job Search so that you can see what they're all about.


saga holidays logo Saga Holidays are one of the leading holiday firms in the UK and are currently recruiting resort managers and tour managers, both of which are incredibly exciting roles.

Resort Representative

As a resort representative you'll be responsible for ensuring that operations run smoothly and to make sure that customers are having an enjoyable, problem free holiday. A professional approach is required at all times and you'll be required to work long hours as well as being on call 24 hours a day most days. Apply for the role of resort representative here

Tour Managers

Tour managers are responsible for the smooth running of their tour, ensuring that guests have an enjoyable problem free holiday. You'll be given more responsibility than that of a rep, however you'll be paid accordingly and will be provided with more benefits. Apply for the role of tour manager here

Flight Centre

Business Development Manager, Bristol

Flight Centre are seeking experienced business development managers to help them find leads, win accounts as well meet sales targets. Your primary role will be to introduce new clients to Flight Centre Business Travel, a specialist division within the business with expertise in business travel for clients who regularly fly internationally. For more information and to apply for this job role, click here

Travel Agent, Windsor

If you're looking at working in the travel industry but like the comforts of home then this opportunity offered by Flight Centre could be ideal for you. Flight Centre are looking for full-time consultants to join their team. Essentially a sales role, you'll be able to earn up to £100,000 a year like some of the existing travel consultants. Sell the products you love and reap the rewards of a generous commission structure. For more information on this job role and to apply, click here


[caption id="attachment_1901" align="aligncenter" width="300" oldwidth="600" caption="Etihad Airways Diamond First Class Suite"]etihad diamon first class suite[/caption]

In-flight Chef

Based out in Abu Dhabi, you'll be required to travel the world preparing meals for the Diamond First Class zone on Etihad Airways flights. Sound appealing? Read on... You'll be required to exceed guests expectations and deliver great service 100% of the time. You may also be required to participate in duties at the catering centre, in Etihad lounges and at corporate, PR and VIP functions. In return you'll be rewarded with a tax-free salary, free accomodation, free travel to take you to and from your job, access to Etihad fitness clubs, unlimited cialis personal travel, annual leave of 30 days as well as special discounts at restaurants, shops, hotels and leisure facilities across the UAE and other regions. Sound like something you're interested in? Take a look at the job role here and apply now

Prospects 4 Leisure Travel

Commercial & Sales Manager, Malaga

Fancy working out in Malaga? A leading resort management company are looking for a commercial and sales manager in order to increase the amount of customers visiting their luxurious apartments. You will create and manage all revenue maximisation and yield management practices, strategies and business conditions. The successful candidate should have at least 5 years sales and marketing experience at management level and have the ability to think creatively, strategically and analytically. Salary will be up to £100k and could also include relocation costs. Take a look at the job role on offer here and apply today Travel Job Search is home to 100s of the latest travel jobs, take a look at all the latest travel jobs here.

Top Tips for Dealing with Homesickness

Seeing as Travel Job Search is the UK's leading job board for travel jobs, we thought it would be best if we gave something back to the 1000s of job seekers who use our site on a daily basis. homesickness-travel-job-search Homesickness is something that people suffer from when moving to a new home/ job. People are affected regardless of age, if you'd like to learn how to overcome homesickness, or at least try to then follow these steps: 1. GET INTO A ROUTINE, travelling can be a time of inconsistency and surprises so a little routine can make you feel as though you're at home. Find yourself a place to workout/ relax on a regular basis, this can be a chance to wind down. Or maybe it's the little things that make you feel at home such as cup of coffee and a brew. Little things can go a long way in the process of overcoming homesickness. 2. STAY OCCUPIED, boredom is a major factor when it comes to homesickness. Try to keep your mind occupied, after all you're probably living away from home in a new place that has plenty of new activities on offer for you to partake in. Get yourself involved in the local community or check out what events are on nearby. 3. MAKE A NEW FRIEND, it sounds obvious but i've seen it happen numerous times when people travelling have kept themselves to themselves, take your headphones out on the bus/ train every once in a while and listen to your surroundings. This video will inspire you to put your phone down and take your headphones out. 4. KEEP IN TOUCH, don't forget about those back home. They're probably wanting to speak to you as well so get yourself on Skype or FaceTime and speak to those people you care about clomid most on a regular basis. 5. WRITE A JOURNAL, even if you're not much of a writer, keeping a short journal can be something to look through when you're feeling homesick. Write down key events on a daily basis and soon enough you'll be able to look back and see all the great things you've done whilst travelling. So there you have it, Travel Job Search's top tips for overcoming homesickness. Most of the guys here in the office have been travelling and all agree that these are the best things for making yourself feel at home. If you're yet to go travelling and are looking for work abroad then take a look at some of the jobs on offer here.

Working in Australia: Everything You Need To Know

flag-43738_640So you have made the decision to leave your dull job in the UK behind, the boring commute and the dreadful weather behind and make the move to Australia. Good choice. The land Down Under has been a hugely popular destination for Brits looking to live ‘the good life’, with approximately 1.3 million expats currently enjoying its incredible weather, friendly atmosphere and endless list of things to see and do. But what do you need to know before you go? Well help is at hand, as this guide will provide all the information you need to make your move a successful one. Visas There are many different types of visa available and all depend on your working and personal circumstances. However, the main three are: Business Migration- For entrepreneurs and successful business men and women who have the skills to make a positive difference to a company in Australia, whether that be as an owner or employee. Skilled Independent Migration- This is aimed at workers who are qualified in a trade or profession. This ranges from builders, engineers and electricians, to nurses, dentists and teachers. Employer Nomination Scheme- This relates to workers who have either been approached or ‘headhunted’ by an Australian company or are simply moving to the Australian office or branch of their current employer. The key thing to remember when looking to work in Australia is your criminal behaviour prior to entering the country. Each visa applicant, whether that be looking for permanent residency, temporary or even for a holiday will be required to pass a character test which takes a look at your criminal history. So if you have a substantial criminal record or been involved in criminal activity, it’s very unlikely that your visa will be granted. Making the move Now that the visa has been dealt with, the exciting part of moving to Australia can begin! Yes moving to the other side of the world is a daunting prospect, but it could be the greatest thing you’ve ever done for you and your family. Here are a few handy things to remember to ensure the move goes without a hitch. Take care of the big things before you go, like temporary accommodation, open new and close existing bank accounts and organise all medication and vaccination records before leaving the UK. Check out forums, social media sites and advice from other Brits who have already made the move, their advice and experience could be invaluable. Skype, Facebook and other social sites are a great way to keep in touch with family back home and much cheaper than long-distance calls. So there you have it! An insight into what you will need to know before heading for a life Down Under. Head to for all the latest jobs in Australia.

Be A Recruitment Champion

Thought football had nothing to do with getting a new job? Think again... WorldCupInfographic

Update your CV to win £200!

BlogPic1We generous Travel Jobsearch folks are giving away £200 in high street vouchers to one lucky jobseeker - all you need to do is upload or update your CV.

One of the main things we wish job hunters did more is update and upload their CV. Good intentions are wonderful, but they don't transfer directly to the employer quite like a relevant, up-to-date CV. It really is the most important thing you can do if you want to find a great job fast, so we thought we'd make it a little more interesting. We're giving away £200 in high street vouchers and all you have to do to win them is upload your updated CV to Travel By joining thousands of jobseekers and employers, you and your shiny new CV will be in the perfect place to find your ideal travel job. Plus, you could win enough money to buy a brand new interview outfit. It's a win-win! Fashion blogger Laura Anderson who writes for La Redoute as well as her own blog A Forté For Fashion has chosen two perfect interview outfits for both men and women which you could buy with your winnings. Here are her picks:


mens interview outfitLaura says: “Get your hands on a smart suit, it comes in handy in so many situations. Wear a bit of colour to make you stand out a little bit extra. Ties aren’t always necessary so don’t feel you have to wear one!


womens interview outfitLaura says: “You can still express your personality at a job interview. Tuck this shirt into your skirt – the ice blue on the shirt it continued throughout the outfit.  Don’t be afraid of colour! Interviews aren’t all about black. Just add some tights to this outfit and you’re good to go.” Hopefully all this talk of a fresh new look has got you inspired for a fresh new start! Upload your new CV now:

Catch the predicted boom in Travel and Tourism!

Travel jobs cropChoosing to work for a travel firm could be perfect timing for you as the market is taking off in 2014., the specialist jobs board for the sector, saw a massive 42% hike in the number of job vacancies posted by travel companies during 2013, compared with 2012. Jobs advertised rose from 17,600 in 2012 to 25,200 last year, with travel consultant and tour operator jobs leading the way. And 2014 looks set to be even better.

Industry statisticians noticed an uplift in world travel during 2013 with international trips rising by 4% in 2013, and forecast to grow by 5% this year. Emerging markets such as China and Russia were the big success stories, as ever more people from these regions chose to venture abroad, shop, eat and drink while experiencing new places. According to ITB World Travel Trends Report 2013/14 Asia and Europe performed particularly well as tourist destinations. “The outlook for 2014 is rosy,” says the report. “Emerging markets will remain the main growth drivers, but both Europe and North America are expected to show solid growth as well.”

Tourism spending in the UK reached record levels between January and August 2013 - a massive £13.7 billion - according to the Office for National Statistics. And this year will be even bigger, industry analysts predict.
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Company Focus: Flight Centre UK


Looking for a travel job? Join Flight Centre UK, consistently voted one of the  best places to work in Europe.

Flight Centre Limited is one of the world’s leading travel companies. From starting with one shop in the early 1980s, they have grown to become an £8 billion business across 30 countries. In the UK, the company plans to double in size in the next five years, so as far as joining their team goes, you'll be part of an exciting turning point in their company history. RTWE Globe_RGB

Multi-Brand Structure

One way Flight Centre UK stands above their competition is their broad multi-brand structure. With 10 brands in the UK, from those specialising in round-the-world and luxury travel to our global corporate businesses, this means you can choose to develop your expertise in an area that matches your interests and skill-set any way you like.

Award-Winning Benefits

Flight Centre UK travel consultants benefit from an uncapped commission structure, which make their top performers some of the highest earners in the industry. You will also gain access to a unique range of benefits including discounted gym memberships, onsite massage facilities, access to financial advisors and incredible social events in the UK and beyond. These benefits have placed the company in the Sunday Times ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ list for no less than nine years. They have also been named one of the Best Workplaces in the UK and Europe by the Great Place to Work Institute. logo_rgb

Unique culture

Flight Centre UK's unique culture of reward and recognition means a lot of energy is spent celebrating their success, whether it’s receiving an award at industry-renowned buzz nights or going up on stage at their annual black-tie Summer Ball. Committed to delivering an exceptional experience to our customers, the company believes that having a lot of fun along the way brings out the very best in their employees.

Fast Track

As Flight Centre UK continues to grow, they are always looking for talented individuals with the aspiration and potential to join their senior leadership team. Consequently, they designed 'Fast Track', a programme designed to identify and develop future company leaders by giving them the training and experience they need to rapidly progress through the company. Successful 'Fast Track' candidates are assigned a mentor from senior management to support their career development and give them a unique insight strategic company projects. Fast Tracker Mary O’Melia says: “Through the 'Fast Track' programme I'm involved in key strategic areas of the business that I would not normally have had access to. I currently lead the Flight Centre Business Travel hotel programme, which was created for me as a result of the Fast Track programme.” If you’d like an exceptional career in travel, Flight Centre UK's global growth will provide you with the opportunities you need to make it happen. View all of Flight Centre UK's latest jobs. GYT logo_4c_pink-tag